Day 33 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge


His Wife's Golden Hair Enshrined His Poems

The manuscripts of many of the best poems of Rossetti were
buried with his wife. Friends prevailed upon him to allow
them to be exhumed—and these poems, once buried with the
dead, are now a treasure of the living.

Read: ROSSETTI'S POEMS ....   Vol. 42, pp. 1149-1153, 1178-1181

May 13: Burns' THE TWA DOGS

What Does Your Dog Think of You?

Two dogs fell a-gossiping about their masters and about a dog's
life among the humble Scotch folk. Each "rejoic'd they werena
men but dogs; an' each took aff his several way."

Read: Burns' THE TWA DOGS ................   Vol. 6, pp. 151-157


Jenner's Amazing Smallpox Cure

Edward Jenner found that disease in the heel of a horse, transmitted
through a cow to the dairy attendants, was an agent in
making human beings immune from smallpox. His amazing
experiments inaugurated a new epoch.

Read: VACCINATION AGAINST SMALLPOX .........   Vol. 38, pp. 145-154

May 15: Dante's DIVINE COMEDY

Glimpses Into the Beyond

The best part of the Divine Comedy for a few minutes' 
reading is the "Inferno." There the reader finds the most vivid
descriptions, the most startling and unforgettable pictures.

Read from Dante's DIVINE COMEDY ........   Vol. 20, pp. 102-114