Day 35 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

May 20: Shakespeare's SONNETS

Shakespeare's Finest Work

The most concentrated beauty of Shakespeare's unbounded creative
genius is found in his sonnets. Written as personal messages
to friends and not intended for publication, they reveal the
inner Shakespeare more truly than do any of his great plays.

Read from Shakespeare's SONNETS ...............  Vol. 40, pp. 270-276

May 21: Pope's ESSAY ON MAN

An Honest Man Defined

The sharp tongue of Alexander Pope made him celebrated, yet
widely feared. In a representative product of his versatile pen,
he gracefully combines his flashing wit with sage advice.

Read from Pope's ESSAY ON MAN ...........   Vol. 40, pp. 430-440

May 22: Manzoni's I PROMESSI SPOSI

True Love in Difficulty

Because of a fancy for a peasant girl, the tyrannical lord of an
Italian village sent desperadoes to threaten the priest if he married
the girl to her village lover.

Read from Manzoni's I PROMESSI SPOSI .............  Vol. 21, pp. 7-24


A Plea for an Unfortunate

From the river her body was tenderly lifted—the girl who could
find no place in the vast city. Thomas Hood pleads for her—
eloquently and justly. Read this gem of pathos.

Read: HOOD'S POEMS ........................   Vol. 41, pp. 907-911