Day 36 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

May 24: Adam Smith's WEALTH OF NATIONS

They Had No Money—Yet Bought and Sold

Debts were not always paid in money. Not so long ago the
butcher paid for his keg of beer with a slab of beef, and oxen
were exchanged for land and wives. Adam Smith tells the interesting
story of the origin and use of money.

Read from Adam Smith's WEALTH OF NATIONS ......  Vol. 10, pp. 22-33

May 25: Emerson's HEROISM

Do What You Fear

Emerson startled the world by fearlessly declaring his beliefs.
Such apparent paradoxes as we find in his inspirational essay,
"Heroism," makes him the most stimulating yet profound thinker
America has produced.

Read: Emerson's HEROISM ....................  Vol. 5, pp. 121-131

May 26: Shakespeare's KING LEAR

Daughter Declares Her Love

Goneril and Regan falsely swore they loved their father, King
Lear, more than life itself. Cordelia could find no words to express
her sincere devotion. Then King Lear made the decision
that started a series of exciting events.

Read from Shakespeare's KING LEAR ...........  Vol. 46, pp. 215-225


Lessing's Courageous Stand for Toleration

To advance freedom of thought, Lessing published an essay of
one hundred paragraphs outlining the history of religion. The
wrath of orthodox churchmen was hurled at his head, and Lessing
was left alone to defend his daring theories.

Read from THE EDUCATION OF THE HUMAN RACE .....  Vol. 32, pp. 185-195