Day 43 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Jun 21: Ruskin's SESAME

Would You Converse with Royalty?

Why gossip with lesser persons when you might be talking to
queens and kings? Just how we may get to talk to queens
and kings, Ruskin delightfully points out and escorts us to the
very doors of the audience chamber.

Read from Ruskin's SESAME ..................   Vol. 28, pp. 99-110

Jun 22: Pliny's LETTERS

Pliny Tells Ghost Stories

Pliny, who lived in the first century after Christ, tells of a ghost
who dragged his jangling chains through a house in Athens and
so terrified the inmates that they fled panic-stricken. But the
ghost met his equal.

Read from Pliny's LETTERS ....................  Vol. 9, pp. 311-314


Greek Scholar at Three

John Stuart Mill—one of the greatest intellects in England—tells
how his father educated him. At the early age of three years
he began the study of Greek, and at twelve started writing a
book of his own .

Read from Mill's AUTOBIOGRAPHY .............   Vol. 25, pp. 9-20


Had No Right Hand

A handsome young man was seen to eat only with his left hand,
which was contrary to the customs of Arabia. The youth, when
urged, told why he used only his left hand, and revealed a
story of love and adventure and the lover's need for gold—all
happening in ancient Cairo.

Read from THE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS ....  Vol. 16, pp. 120-133