Day 47 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Jul 7: Sheridan's SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL

Scandal That Lurked Behind Lace and Powder

The painted lips of the eighteenth century ladies and gallants
vied with one another in whispering scathing gossip, in gleefully
furthering the destruction of a good name. Sheridan depicts
this gay world with a brilliant spicy pen.

Read from Sheridan's SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL ......   Vol. 18, pp. 115-128

Jul 8: Shelley's CENCI

Italy's Fair Assassin

When the monstrous Cenci forced his daughter Beatrice into a
horrible situation, she revolted and boldly struck for freedom.
Shelley tells her pitiful story in one of his best works.

Read from Shelley's CENCI ..................  Vol. 18, pp. 288-300


A Little Lying Now and Then

"What is Truth?" asked Pilate. For an answer Bacon discourses
not on human nature as it should be, but as it is. These shrewd
observations on making a life and a living admit occasional departures
from truth.

Read from BACON'S ESSAYS ...............................   Vol. 3, pp. 7-19


America's First Immigrants

The shadow of a phantom cast upon the cradle of Snorri, the
first white child born in America, was a warning of an Indian
attack on the settlement of courageous Norsemen who had
risked the terrors of unknown seas to visit "Wineland."

Read from THE VOYAGES TO VINLAND .....   Vol. 43. pp. 14-20