Day 55 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge

Aug 8: Homer's ODYSSEY

Men Transformed by Circe's Wand

Unfavorable winds sent by angry gods blew the ships of Odysseus
far off their course. The sailors were cast upon a remote island,
governed by an enchantress where, for their coarse manners, they
were put under a magic spell.

Read from Homer's ODYSSEY .......................  Vol. 22, pp. 133-144

Aug 9: Walton's LIFE OF DR. DONNE

English Bridal Party Jailed

Minister and witness, bride and groom were arrested by an enraged
father when John Donne married his employer's niece.
Donne was soon released, but he found himself without money,
position or bride.

Read from Walton's LIFE OF DR. DONNE ..........   Vol. 15, pp. 326-334


"Give Them Cake," said the Queen

When the people of Paris howled because they had no bread to
eat, Queen Marie Antoinette exclaimed: "Well, then, let them
eat cake!" Such an attitude hastened the revolution.

Read from Burke's THE REVOLUTION IN FRANCE ......    Vol. 24, pp. 143-157

Aug 11: Epictetus' GOLDEN SAYINGS

Clever Repartee of Epictetus

Epictetus advises that if a person speaks ill of you, make no defense,
but answer: "He surely knew not of my other faults, else
he would not have mentioned these only."

Read from Epictetus' GOLDEN SAYINGS ..............    Vol. 2, pp. 176-182