Day 67 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge


A Courtship of Twenty Years

John Stuart Mill in his autobiography boldly tells of his love for
his friend's wife. After twenty years, she was freed from her first
husband and was happily married to John Stuart Mill. Read the
account of Mill's courtship.

Read from Mill's AUTOBIOGRAPHY .........    Vol. 25, pp. 116-120, 149

Sep 26: Cervantes' DON QUIXOTE

And the World Rocked with Laughter

The gaunt lunatic, Don Quixote, saw the world through glasses
colored with romanticism that had gone out of style hundreds of
years before he was born. Cervantes made the world laugh at
the exaggerated stories it had been devouring.

Read from Cervantes' DON QUIXOTE ...............    Vol. 14, pp. 29-35


Pascal's Fundamentals of Religion

To-day we have Fundamentalists and Modernists, each striving
for the same goal. Pascal, two hundred and fifty years ago, gave
his precepts of the fundamentals of religious thought.

Read from PASCAL'S THOUGHTS ................    Vol. 48, pp. 181-192

Sep 28: Pasteur's THE GERM THEORY

He Introduced the Germ

Proof that germs cause many contagious diseases was established
by Louis Pasteur. His discoveries revolutionized modern science
and lessened the ravages of every type of disease.

Read: Pasteur's THE GERM THEORY ................    Vol. 38, pp. 364-370