Day 23 - Harvard Classics - 90 Day Challenge


Hero and Goddess Break Engagement

Brynhild, favorite goddess of Norse mythology, plighted troth
with Sigurd, fearless warrior. But Sigurd forgot Brynhild and
married Gudrun, whose brother, Gunner, then set out to win
the beautiful Brynhild. Complications very like a modern triangle

Read from EPIC AND SAGA ....................   Vol. 49, pp. 307-317

Mar 30: Manzoni's I PROMESSI SPOSI

The Plague of Milan

"I Promessi Sposi," a seventeenth century novel, vividly describes
the devastating plague of Milan. Then whole families sickened
in a few hours and died in less than a day's time of strange and
violent complaints whose symptoms were unknown to physicians.

Read from Manzoni's I PROMESSI SPOSI ........  Vol. 21, pp. 500-512

Mar 31: Walton's LIFE OF DR. DONNE

The Ghastly Whim of John Donne

Monuments are usually made from death masks, but John Donne
took pleasure in posing for his, wrapped from head to foot in a
shroud. Isaak Walton tells of this in his fascinating biography
of the eccentric poet.

Read from Walton's LIFE OF DR. DONNE .......  Vol. 15, pp. 364-369


"Oh! to Be in England Now That April's There"

Everyone knows the pangs of homesickness in the spring. Even
bright, sparkling Italy could not wean Browning's affection from
the green hedgerows of misty England.

Read: BROWNING'S POEMS .................   Vol. 42, pp. 1068-1074